Designed for multinational clients, Atradius Global sees your business as a whole while providing on-the-ground local support that mirrors your own geographical reach and multilingual policies.

Atradius Global is a specialist team dedicated to the individual trade credit insurance needs of multinational businesses. It allows us to provide you with a more personal response to multinational credit risk solutions and is a unique proposition within the credit insurance management industry. The Atradius Global team structures credit risk solutions that are integrated with your local needs and work for your business, even if those local needs span several different geographies.



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Understanding the credit insurance needs of multinationals

When it comes to managing credit risk, the needs of multinationals are unlike any other. We understand what it means to operate from a range of different locations and manage global fluctuations in trade. 

Our Global team understands local language and culture. We’re able to respond promptly to changes in local legislation or the economy, while still sharing your international outlook. Our personal approach enables you to get to know our people and directly benefit from their knowledge and expertise.

The benefits of our Global Credit Insurance service include:

  • Standing beside you, wherever you stand in the world - our footprint extends to more than 50 countries worldwide. Our on the ground teams work closely to build working relationships with your regional operations and mirror the geographical structure of your multinational organisation. In short, our people are where your people are
  • One policy, bespoke flexibility - our modular approach helps us tailor your policy to your strategy and goals, combining centralised common global terms with others aimed at specific regions. It also enables you to enjoy central control of your worldwide exposure to risk
  • One team, unsurpassed service - our structure is unique; we are one company and one team working with you. We share your global vision and offer the simplicity and economy of a single provider
  • Consistency across markets and languages – our multilingual underwriters and legal team ensure your policy is clear and promotes the same meaning in all languages

Special Products for unique credit insurance needs

Atradius Special Products insure risks that cannot usually be covered by traditional trade credit insurance. By their very nature our Special Products are as varied and unique as the customers who use them and the situations they apply to. They can include insurance for a single transaction or cover for a special risk. You may need to create cover for a single customer or you may need to protect your entire turnover.

Atradius Special Products can act as a standalone product in their own right, or be part of a wider programme and often operate as an added extra to your existing credit insurance policy. Further information is available in English only on the Atradius Group website.

Employ sophisticated tools to manage your Credit Insurance Policy and Credit Portfolio

Monitor your portfolio with Atradius Insights

Atradius Insights is a sophisticated online analysis tool. Developed in close collaboration with our customers, it’s designed to help you easily identify risks, monitor your portfolio performance and find new business opportunities. Unrivalled within the credit insurance industry, it sets a new standard for credit management. Further information about how you can use Atradius Insights to get more from your business intelligence is available in English only on the Atradius Group website.

Access Online Credit Insurance management with Atrium

Atrium is a secure web-based policy management service. A single, fully integrated platform, it is designed to put you in control of your credit management processes and allows you to notify us of claims, track progress and make changes in real time.

Further information about how you can manage your policy through Atrium is available in English only on our corporate website.

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