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Credit insurance from Atradius UK is a straightforward, cost effective and flexible way to ensure you get paid for goods and services you supply.

Providing Credit Insurance and Collections in the UK

Atradius UK provides trade credit insurance and collections services for UK businesses and as part of a worldwide team with a strategic presence in 50 countries we are able to support our customers wherever in the world they want to trade.

With decades of experience and a wealth of risk assessment knowledge, Atradius offers a comprehensive range of credit management solutions. Our customers are protected against the commercial and political risks that are inherent in domestic and global trade. By insuring trade receivables businesses of all sizes are able to reduce exposure to bad debt and so ensure a more stable cash flow, enabling risk capital to become growth capital.

Our national and international collections services provide efficient and effective solutions delivering quick and flexible options to recover trade debt.

The Atradius UK Team

With our head offices in Cardiff and our customer focused Regional Hubs based in London, Manchester and Birmingham, Atradius UK has a significant presence in key locations. However, our strength is not just about the size of the team it is about the way we work.

Every member of the team is focused on delivering the best possible solution for our customers. At Atradius UK is doesn’t matter if you work on the frontline or in the back office, you are connected to the customer and to exceeding expectations.

Our Senior Team

Regional Director in UK & Ireland:

Stuart Ramsden first joined Atradius in 1991 as a commercial underwriter at the company’s UK head office in his home city of Cardiff.  During his time at Atradius, Stuart's responsibilities have included a variety of commercial roles,  focusing on product development, sales and account management. He has held a number of senior positions at Atradius, including 10 years as Country Manager for Atradius Ireland. In June 2016, Stuart was appointed Head of Commercial for UK & Ireland, initially based in Dublin and relocating to Cardiff in 2019. With effect from 01 July 2020, Stuart succeeded Alun Sweeney as Regional Director for Atradius UK & Ireland.

Our History

We are proud to boast that we have been supporting UK businesses for 100 years since 1919 and can trace our roots back to the days of First World War when the Export Credit Guarantee Department was set up by the government of the day to promote and support export trade.

The transition to a commercial insurer came in 1991 when the Dutch insurer NCM acquired the short term credit arm of ECGD taking the expertise built up over decades into a new environment and opening up opportunities to develop new products to satisfy the needs of a developing market. In 2001 NCM merged with the German insurance group Gerling and after a period trading as Gerling NCM, in January 2004 the name Atradius was launched.

As Atradius we have continued to develop and grow both in terms of geography and capability. However, we have never lost sight of our history and whatever new or creative solutions we are able to bring to market we are confident that they have been built on the strength in depth we can offer from our experience and expertise.

Building a strong local presence for local needs

Our skilled underwriters and account managers understand the needs of your business as well as the nuances of your local market and work closely with you and your broker to find the best credit insurance solutions for you.  Our commitment to the highest quality customer service is demonstrated in our Customer Service Charter.

We are a global company with exceptional worldwide trade knowledge, experience and expertise which we are able to deliver to customers through our customer focused Regional Hubs. At Atradius we are always ready to respond to market demands and through our regional network of offices we are not only close to our customers but also part of the local business community.

Our Regional Hubs are located in London, Manchester, Cardiff and Birmingham and deliver a strong customer focus through our dedicated account managers. Each Hub operates as a focal point for activities in that region, with a regular risk underwriting presence and access to the wider Atradius team – including Atradius Collections Services.

To further strengthen our proposition we are committed to the strong partnerships that we have built with intermediaries who share our drive to provide the highest quality credit insurance and credit management support to customers. A commitment based on the shared principles to provide first class customer service and innovative products providing maximum benefit for our mutual customers.

Specialist Credit Brokers

Atradius recognises the importance of being able to work effectively in partnership with specialist credit brokers to develop best practice in the industry, with a shared responsibility to provide the best possible advice and service.  This is underpinned by a product range which fits the needs of our mutual customer.

Credit Insurance Introducers

Atradius also works closely with general brokers, business introducers, business communities and trade associations to provide a range of credit insurance services to their customers or members.

Building a Career at Atradius

We are a global company and recruit both local and international talent. We promote a positive working culture for all of our people and treat every employee as an individual.

At Atradius UK you are part of a worldwide team where

  • we value your ambition and celebrate your success
  • you take control of your own career progression
  • your contribution makes a difference

We are interested in hearing from

  • graduates with a relevant qualification,
  • candidates with experience in financial services
  • self- motivated and ambitious people, with excellent communications and analytical skills
  • customer focused candidates

Contact us for the latest information on vacancies and further information on our working culture. Alternatively, please submit your curriculum vitae or resumé to UK

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